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Artist: KXM
Album: Circle of Dolls

Track List:
1. War of Words
2. Mind Swamp
3. Circle of Dolls
4. Lightning
5. Time Flies
6. Twice
7. Big as the Sun
8. Vessel of Destruction
9. A Day Without Me
10. Wide Awake
11. Shadow Lover
12. Cold Sweats
13. The Border
14. War of Words (Radio Edit)

I asked George if the band favors that approach for expediency given all their schedules or do they enjoy the immediacy of capturing the creations as they emerge. Songs like “Lightning”, “Big As The Sun”, and “Cold Sweats” are sonically different from each other taking the listener on a musical journey. I can’t believe he’s finished that tour with the traumatic events that happened. There’s something cool about not having a producer breathing down your neck saying, you shouldn’t play that, or you should play this groove, or this is too busy. Circle of Dolls is a darker record thematically than their first two albums and builds upon the established KXM rock sound with thought provoking lyrics, catchy guitar riffs and rock-solid grooves. We are under a time constraint when we do these records”. We definitely didn't repeat ourselves, but you know for sure who it is when you hear it. Nothing like that is happening, but I would like to think so.”.
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