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Blagrave Arms
Blagrave Street, RG1 1PW
Reviewed On: 6 Jun 2007
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Public Houses in Reading
Berkshire, England.
Abbot Cook
Previous Names: Upin Arms
London Road, Reading, Berkshire, RG1 5DE
1.05 miles from Reading station [Map]
Final Score: 4.0 out of 10
Steve's Score:2 (Out of 5)
Gray's Grade:2 (Out of 5)
Steve Supped:San Miguel
Gray Gulped:Cobra
Garden / Facilities:Plenty of benches surrounding the pub, all sandwiched in between the roads though

15 December 2004

This review was made before the re-brand to The Abbot Cook! Please see user comments below for more up to date details on this pub...
It's a full on student pub and as part of the "Scream" chain it has exactly the same "decoration" as Pavlov's Dog in the town centre. Having said that Pavlov's seemed a much better pub with it's layout and general feel of the place. I've got nothing against student pubs but they seem to be taking advantage of it a bit here but not bothering to employ a cleaner. The floor was several inches deep in dead cigarettes. The comment about the three pool tables below is true - they were busy as anything but only looked about a foot wide! It's a big pub attracting a young crowd and seemed like an ok place but not much more than that. I don't think I'd be heading out this way to pay a visit again. G.
Butts everywhere! And not the kind you would want to see. At first we thought it must be left over from a weekend evening which would have been a few days, but then we noticed they were keenly gathered around the fruitie or quiz machine so it may well have been only one night that the place was left to fester. But festering the place was. As G said, its a Scream chain pub and follows the Scream Theme but compared to Pavlov's (which I can't get overexcited about anyway) it just felt badly set out and generally a bit dirty. I cannot imagine anyone who is not a student would want to stay in here for very long, although I'm sure if you are a student (and yes, I was once myself) you would come here with a few mates and have pretty good time. However, with 'the Junction' only over the road I suggest getting up and going there. But in relation to the pool tables though, I reckon they look like normal English pool table size, just in jazzy colours ala American pool which makes it look a bit odd. S.


Lager heaven. Not much for beer fans but several different lagers were all lined up at the bar including Cobra. The Cobra was great although it made me want to eat a curry. Very confusing with the Sardar Palace next door. G.
Handy the Sardar is so close then really. Lager heaven indeedy do! What a lager collection. i'm not sure anywhere can quite stand up to this and if you like a nice slecetion of premium lagers to choose from (and I do personally) then this is great. S.

VISITOR FEEDBACK [Give Your Feedback]

"Could you possibly update your site to reflect the new name of The Abbot Cook please which is no longer with the "Scream" brand. I have attached a link for you to view and you may wish to review this new establishment when you have time! "
Pamela visited in December 2010

"The pub has closed and reopened as the 'Abbot Cook with a totally differen decor, feel, target audience."
(Rated 5 out of 10)
wendy visited in October 2010

"Went on a quiet night and the service was prompt. The Guiness was fine, and they were offering a good deal on 4-pint pitchers of wife-beater. It was really grubby, and the toilets were scrawled with graffiti. I felt like I needed a shower after visiting. Nice outside seating area."
(Rated 4 out of 10)
Lardoholics Anonymous visited in June 2006

"One of the best bars outside of town. The place is looking loads better in recent months. Great staff and friendly atmosphere. Could do with slightly less Public School boy students in term-time though."
Matt visited in September 2005

"Yeah, I agree with Michael. It's a cramped pub that needs a good clean as well and only suitable for hair of the dog on Sunday mornings. The food is also only tolerable then too as it's loaded with grease and 100% fried. But, hell, it's cheap!"
Catherine visited in December 2004

"Hardly ever anywhere to sit, in the noisy busy student pub. They changed the 2 normal sized pool tables for 3 smaller sizes a couple of years back, to bleed more money out of people. As with Pavlovs in town, the service can be terribly slow. Forget this pub, hit Up The Junction or The Lyndhurst instead!""
Michael Murphy visited in October 2004

Average Visitor Score: 4.50 out of 10


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Abbot Cook Pub (Reading, Berkshire)
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