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Hook and Tackle
Katesgrove Lane, RG1 2ND
Reviewed On: 10 Jul 2004
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Public Houses in Reading
Berkshire, England.
Previous Names:
Oracle (Riverside), Reading, Berkshire, RG1 2AG
0.39 miles from Reading station [Map]
Final Score: 2.0 out of 10
Steve's Score:1 (Out of 5)
Gray's Grade:1 (Out of 5)
Steve Supped:Fosters and wished he hadn't!
Gray Gulped:Fosters
Garden / Facilities:A cloakroom upstairs with a bored girl wondering why they opened it on a Wednesday. Bogs have seperate doors for going in and out as if they're expecting a sudden rush. Mind you, with Fosters at £1.50 a pint it's gotta go somewhere.


It's now Nov 2009, this place is now gone, but not forgotten!

16 June 2004

A club style pub with no personality. We were there around 10pm on a Wednesday night and the place was empty. There were more grumpy bouncers than customers - it's one of those places where you're treated like scum by the "doormen", like it's some kind of privilege to visit their pub. When the footy on the big screen finished the place emptied out leaving just us, some loud pop music and disco lights flashing around an expansive dance floor. I imagine it's a lot busier at the weekends but my worry is that it still won't make the place any better than shit. G.
Pants. S.
Quality, concise and very accurate review mate. I'd love to know if anyone has anything good to say about this dump. Mind you, I guess it's what you make of it - if only the DJ had stuck Nirvana on... G.
Oh, those were the days, thanks for the reminder, that brings a smile to my face! S.


Poor! But it was £1.50 a pint for Fosters and they had no real beer. You know how it is - Fosters was the cheap option and it was my round.... G.

VISITOR FEEDBACK [Give Your Feedback]

"Ended up to give my comments based on the experience 5 years ago - so Brannigans still keeps on going.. ;) had some good time there when was au pairing in Bracknell!! However, for the Finnish girls the place got closed way too early - how come you have to go home when the atmosphere is at it´s best on Saturday night?! You really should pay a visit to Helsinki night ..."
(Rated 7 out of 10)
Haydee visited in July 2006

"i love brans its the best place to be any nite of the week,who cares wat people have to say they only say bad things about it because they dont no how to have fun! love ya brans.x"
(Rated 9 out of 10)
jade visited in April 2006

"Not enough clubs iin Reading is all i can say...too many bars! If you want to be looked down your nose at by the highly strung bouncers who give you nothing but attitude. A so called club which has recenly had a "revamp"(haha laughable). A club on a saturday night which segregates the r'n'b lovers from the dance lovers by way of a dj upstairs in a corner of the room in a smelly, stuffy, stinky room. Then go to Brannigans. Brilliant if you're into dance on a saturday, lovely dance floor:"
(Rated 1 out of 10)
amanda visited in April 2006

"Since it has been refurbished, i think it has become slightly better than before. Its no longer in its disguisting, grotty and dark self! it has a new lick of paint and friendlier staff! Im just glad someone finally decided to take action and do something about it! Monday nights are great if your a pennyless student looking for a good time, But girls, please, put some more clothes on and try and at least keep some dignity!"
(Rated 7 out of 10)
J visited in April 2006

"You guys are right about the door men, they are all a bunch of arseholes."
(Rated 2 out of 10)
Jermaine visited in March 2006

"was reading sum of da posts and thought to my self "R U PEOPLE STUPID" the Brannigans in Reading is brilliant... Every1 goes there. The music is wicked (especaily JOHN MARR-TOXIC RHYTHM) and the drinks r dirt cheep, £1.50 on a monday and Wednesday (playas nite)"
(Rated 9 out of 10)
MJ visited in January 2006

"Only possible good thing is the location. The atmosphere is rank. The bouncers are looking for trouble more than the idiots inside and are hostile for no apparent reason. Not a place to be seen in, shame as it could be much much better if they revamped things and made it more friendly."
(Rated 1 out of 10)
Jules visited in January 2006

"I think out of all the shit places to go in town brannigans is ok, I went there on a saturday and it was packed and the music could have improved a bit but it wasnt bad I still managed to enjoy myself. The drinks r quite cheap although i think the price of a bottle of water is disgusting £1.60!"
(Rated 4 out of 10)
carole visited in January 2006

"Monday nights are mental at Brannigans. Student night and 2 for one on virtually all drinks."
(Rated 8 out of 10)
Philly visited in December 2005

"This pub is quality, Monday nites are the best nites going. The music rocks and the atmosphere is great. I LOVE BRANNIGANS!"
Lucy visited in June 2005

"This place has gone soo down hill! The music is terrible and the atmosphere is appauling! It used to be a fun place to be! The regular DJ left a few months ago and we miss him!! He was undoubtedly the best DJ in Reading, and thankfully we have tracked him down to The Ice Bar during the week, so my advice to old regulars would be get yourself down to The Ice Bar instead! The new manager is rude and ignorant too!"
Kate visited in April 2005

"Brannigans on a Monday night is awesome! It's basically student night and it packed to the rafters. I never miss a monday and have never been disappointed. Never been there on a weekend tho. So can't comment there."
Beefy visited in April 2005

"This is one of those places where when sober you tell all your mates you don't want to be seen dead in there, but after a few drinks you magically seem to end up here! Mon, Wed, and Fri good nites to go but you know wot to expect - 15 year old school girls dancing like morons, packs of leering blokes eyeing them up, and 50 year old hags who went out of there prime in 1976. Wot you see is wot you get which is why I like it!"
Edamslave visited in April 2005

"Gone downhill so fast they'll be closed in a month. This used to be one of the best, lilveliest places in reading with friendly bar staff and management who were always seen around. The DJ was fab and has now left. The new manager and his replacement are c**p. Quite frankly we used to be so regular in there it was a pleasure to visit - No more will we be visiting that boring, overpriced, dive."
Clare visited in March 2005

"Really hate this place and can't remember ever having a good time in here on the occasions that i've been dragged in by so called friends."
Donna visited in January 2005

"I don't really like the music in Brannigans but it is hugely popular, and packed out at weekends. It is somewhere you can go any night of the week and have a dance, drink, etc... and in my opinion the only place in Reading with a 'nightclubby' feel. We need some nightclubs!"
Clare visited in November 2004

"You have to try Brannigans on Monday, a pub/club style place is always gonna be fairly empty on Wednesday. True, Monday in Brannigans can resemble a meat market but with 2-4-1s on drinks and £2.00 for vodka red bulls you're almost guaranteed to have a good time! Music is fairly diverse, it can be quite packed as well. Watch out for drunk people who can't carry their drinks properly! Apart from thats its a good night out, cheap and tacky, true, but thats the way we like it!""
Sarah, Emma, Becca, Cordelia visited in September 2004

Average Visitor Score: 5.33 out of 10


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Brannigans Pub (Reading, Berkshire)
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