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Friar Street, RG1 1DB
Reviewed On: 22 Sep 2005
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Public Houses in Reading
Berkshire, England.
Up the Junction
Previous Names:
London Road, Reading, Berkshire, RG1 3NY
1.18 miles from Reading station [Map]
Final Score: 6.5 out of 10
Steve's Score:3.5 (Out of 5)
Gray's Grade:3 (Out of 5)
Steve Supped:Stella
Gray Gulped:Stella
Garden / Facilities:No garden but it's got two bars, which can't be bad!

15 December 2004

It's really two pubs in one! We went into the front of the pub to find quite a small narrow pub with the bar along the right wall. At the back there's a few seats but we saw the sign directing to us to the pool table which was out of the back door, into the open, across a courtyard, and a short jog away. Well not quite, but it certainly involved some outside. I'm not sure if the back bar had been recently converted or just completely re-done but it couldn't have been open for more than a few days and was in immaculate condition with a strong smell of fresh paint. There's a full bar in the back room, a pool table, and an excellent high-tech projector screen arranagement. They've obviously spent a lot of money on this new room and it really looks the part. The main bar had the locals sat at the bar and there wasn't much room - so the back bar was an unexpected bonus. G.
The front part of this really reminded me of a bar I've been to in France. I guess it's because they don't have pubs in France, only bars and this had those marble top (probably marble effect) tables with little wrought iron legs and which you seem to get a lot in France as well. I don't know what it was really and I can't explain it (evidently) but it felt French (in a good way) to me. The front is pretty small. But very cosy and probably a nice place to hang out. I think this was the bar with lots of different currency pinned to the wall behind the bar which added to the holiday car feel of it. Anyway, so off we went following the pool table signs and we were more than a bit unsure of where we were going as we headed passed the toilets (very smart toilets as well) but luckily another few people were just making their way to the other bar and kindly showed us which door to go through. And what did we see, an extremely unexpected modern bar. It had a kind of ĎAngies Dení feel to it to me as it was very new and felt like a TV set and that it should be a small club (though the pool table would be in the way somewhat). The poor barmaid (how can I put this - she was very pleasant) must have been having a pretty boring time with no-one in there but luckily for her the other guys that came through must have been locals and began chatting away to her and livening the place up a bit. Anyway, enough of this waffle, I like this place and hope to go back even though it's not my side of town. S.


Standard set of drinks, which was a bit disappointing. The major brands were well represented though and lager-types wont have a problem. G.
Can't remember the selection so I hope G is telling it like it is. S.

VISITOR FEEDBACK [Give Your Feedback]

"i used to go to this bar all the time when i was at reading univercity. me and my mates used to go because we fancied the doorman colin,he was lovely. i recently went back and was told that he was not there anymore, its a shame because he was the best doorman in town. the bar held good memories for me and my mates,its alate night bar linked to the kebab shop next door the beer is better tha the up in and fruit bat but without the big friendly doorman it will never be the same."
(Rated 6 out of 10)
jenny visited in October 2010

"Good choice on the jukebox, normally leading to dancing on chairs and on the bar on a Friday and Saturday. Open to 12 every night and later weekends, probably because it closely associated with best kebab house in Reading next door, Ye Babam Ye, (which you can also order at and eat inside the bar). The landlord's a good man too, always a friendly welcome. Great place to head to, on your way out East of Reading, if the pubs have closed at 11pm"
Michael Murphy visited in October 2004

Average Visitor Score: 6.00 out of 10


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Up the Junction Pub (Reading, Berkshire)
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